Todd Slater Metallica Poster Miami VIP 2017 Artist Proof S/N

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Todd Slater Metallica Poster Miami VIP 2017 Artist Proof

Signed and Numbered by Todd Slater with AP Edition of only 60.
Size of the print is 18 x 24 Inches.
It is a 4 Color Silk Screen Print with Metallic Ink.
"This one came as a total surprise and marks the first time I've done something for Metallica. I have to give a really big thanks to longtime Austinite Tim Doyle at Nakatomi for putting together this series... be sure to check out the other prints they've produced for this tour. The creature featured in the print is my imagining of the H.P. Lovecraft character Cthulhu. The band has an real affinity for Lovecraftian horror and the imagery ended up being a fit. This one in particular felt like my best work in blending the hard edged style I'm known for with a stippled effect I've been working on for a several years now." - Todd Slater
The edition of this poster that was released at the show to VIP ticket holders was off-set printed. These are the ONLY silkscreened copies of this print in existence. The Artist Proof posters were the only ones silk screened and sold by the artists after the show.
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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