Todd Slater Jack White Omaha Poster 2018 Artist Edition

Inside the Poster


Todd Slater Jack White Omaha Poster 2018 Third Moon Artist Edition

Signed and numbered by Todd Slater with an edition of only 291.
Size of the print is 24 x 18 Inches.
  This is a 3 Color Silk Screen Print.
"I decided to revisit this Sci-Fi photorealistic style for some of Jack's new art.  It's  meant to be a cross-over of sorts with Rob Jones's poster for the LA show.  Both depict a Sisyphean Jack continuing to push his shifting sonic endeavors embodied as a giant moon.  It always feels like Jack is somewhere else relative to the rest of the pack musically. Each new album is a letter back to us, hence my decision to place the gig info within the semblance of a stamp. "-Todd Slater
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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