Todd Slater Bob Dylan Poster Philadelphia 2012 Artist Edition S/N

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Todd Slater Bob Dylan Poster Philadelphia 2012 Artist Edition

Signed and numbered by Todd Slater with an edition of only 125.
Size of the poster is 18 x 24 Inches.
  This is a 7 Color Silk Screen Print.
"In my nine years making prints I've noticed that artists appreciate it when you focus on the album that they're touring on versus an image centered on their hits. Bob Dylan's newest album,Tempest (meaning a violent storm) features an epic 14 minute long title track referencing James Cameron's film Titanic. I felt like if there was one image to summarize Tempest it would be the sinking of the 'ship of dreams'. I've heard of the Titanic described as "the floating palace" before and I decided to leave out the horizon line in order to add some surrealism to the image and blur reality some. The ship is either gliding along the water or floating high above the sky. It is the last quiet moment, the calm before the storm... On a side note the lips from my first Jack White print appear on the iceberg as link between the two artists. Jack has said he has three fathers: my biological father, God and Bob Dylan."-Todd Slater
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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