Todd Slater 311 Day New Orleans Poster 2016

Inside the Poster


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Todd Slater 311 Day New Orleans Poster 2016

Limited edition of approximately 750.
Size of the poster is 18 x 24 Inches.
This is a 6 Color Silk Screen Print with 2 Metallic Inks.
"Creating an image like this one is a bit like constructing a 1000 piece puzzle without having the box topper as a guide to what the finished art will look like. Mgmt stressed the importance of elements relating to New Orleans early on in the process and the gator was the first piece I drew. It's a pretty intuitive process after that first piece. Figuring out ways to unify all the elements and link them together in a cohesive image is a balancing act. One aha moment came with the pelicans, I knew I wanted something in their beaks and liked the tension from the ribboning of a broken jawbreaker pattern." - Todd Slater
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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