Stick Man Foilz Hand Painted Multiples Art HPM 2019

Inside the Poster


Stick Man Foilz Hand Painted Multiples Art HPM 2019

Signed and Numbered by CHEF on the back with an edition of only 15 of which only 14 are available.
Size is approximately 12 x 12 inches.
Created with spray paint and stencil on Lava Foil paper.

If you have been to a Pearl Jam concert anytime in this century you probably got a poster or shirt from Tom Husman or saw him trying to keep things stocked.

Tom Husman was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer in October 2018. By the time he was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread to his spine (causing excruciating back pain), his liver, and his left femur. The tumor on his femur was so large that it had to be surgically removed, and part of his bone was replaced with a metal rod to hold his leg together. Tom is currently undergoing a rigorous chemotherapy program, that has followed radiation treatments for the tumors on his spine and femur..

A friend of his started a Go Fund Me campaign can you visit HERE to help raise $50,000 to help Tom with all the bills. All the money from these HPM's will be donated to help out and will add a screen shot later to show payment.
Limit of 1 per person if you order more I will refund you and you wont get one.
5 random orders will also include a spray painted handbill on a variety of foil paper.
Sales from the past week have been donated. See pic.Thank you to the 2 fine folks that helped.
Sadly Tom passed away on August 2 2020. A GoFundMe has been set up for his wife. All proceeds will now be donated to her.

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