Palehorse Design Rush 2112 The Temple of Syrinx Poster 2020

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Palehorse Design Rush 2112 The Temple of Syrinx Poster 2020

Signed and numbered by Palehorse with an edition of only 130.
Size of the print is 18 x 24 Inches.
  This is a 5 Color Silk Screened Print with metallic gold ink on front, one color screen print on back .
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

"Following a series of multi-planetary cataclysms in the year 2112, a federation of demonic, interplanetary rulers, masquerading as divinely inspired priests have taken control of the remaining citizens, eliminating all traces and relics of mind-expanding tools of self-discovery. The Priests of the Temples of Syrinx promise safety, security and order under their control, but at the high price of denying individuals the freedom to explore their own consciousness and express themselves creatively. But the tyranny of this cosmic imbalance can never last! RUSH reminds us that the creative life force that permeates the universe, lives within every sentient being and will always return to destroy fear and injustice when the scales are tipped. When we harness the power of imagination, we become unbound by the fear of death and scarcity, no-longer shackled by deception and becoming free to explore this life with hungry mind and open eyes!" - Palehorse

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