Kyler Sharp Black Sabbath Poster Tacoma 2016 Artist Edition

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Kyler Sharp Black Sabbath Poster Tacoma 2016 Artist Edition Glows in the Dark

Signed and numbered by Kyler Sharp with an edition of only 450.
Size of the poster is 24 x 36 inches.
  This is a 5 Color Silk Screen Print with Glow in the Dark ink.

"This is going to happen!!!! I still can't believe it and I did it. This almost didn't happen and Ozzy getting sick this week was only the last of many hurdles I had to jump to get this poster completed and approved… Ozzy getting sick was the straw that almost broke the camel's back! I was on the phone with Ozzy every day since last Saturday making sure he was resting, taking his antibiotics, flushing his sinus with salt water, getting plenty of Vitamin C and resting his voice! Seriously though, this is surreal to me and I never in my wildest dreams would've thought that I'd get to do a poster for this band. That's right… I got to do a poster for BLACK SABBATH!!!!! Come on now!!!! BLACK SABBATH!!!!!!!!!! One of the most important bands in Rock-N-Roll history!!! They're in the Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame and they're THE most important band TO Heavy Metal because they really were the first band widely considered to be Heavy Metal when that term was being thrown around some 47-48 years ago…."- Kyler Sharp

The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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