Jonathan Burton King Kong Movie Poster Jungle Edition 2016 Mondo

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Jonathan Burton King Kong Movie Poster Jungle Edition 2016 Mondo

Hand numbered Edition of only 325.
Size of the poster is 24 x 36 Inches.
This is a Color Silk Screen Print.
"The KONG project has been a huge pleasure to work on particularly as the ideas were voted on by Mondo fans at the MondoCon 2 panel. The audience was split between these two and I’m flattered to be asked asked to produce both. The challenge for me was to make them both work as individual posters and as a pair.
The ‘Jungle’ poster is a nod to the spirit of the original 1933 posters playing on the fear of the immense monster. He is KING in his own habitat. Whereas the ‘City’ version (paying tribute to the Art Deco style of the film’s opening credits) shows us Kong on the defense dwarfed by the man-made skyscrapers fleeing from the human captors.
As Carl Denham says, “He’s always been a king in his world, but we’ll teach him fear” Linking them together we have Ann Darrow in each, Jack Driscoll and Carl Denham are in both with very similar poses. The titles are in exactly the same place and the tag-lines help express the connected themes of a strange giant beast obsessed with the beauty of Ann Darrow ending up being controlled and destroyed by man." - Jonathan Burton.
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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