Jim Pollock Neo Art Print Purple Metallic Sky Variant 2020

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Jim Pollock Neo Art Print Purple Metallic Sky Variant 2020

This is “Neo,” the astronomer.
Signed and numbered By Jim Pollock with an edition of only 275.
Size of the print is 13 x 20 Inches.
This is a 7 color screenprint on Neenah Stardream Crystal paper (like a Pearl metallic) .
The print is in mint condition and stored flat.
The actual artwork on the print is 11 x 17.79 inches in size, a Phi rectangle.
Neo has a busy and important job keeping track of the orbits of the planets in the heliocentric solar system, all the while rotating on the third planet. He has located a new comet called “Neowise”, thanks to his trusted new telescope.

"The telescope was an advanced technology in the fourteenth century. Only special people, like Neo, had access to such instruments. This technology sparked the public’s renewed understanding of the cosmos. The movement of the cosmos is the inspiration for our modern pursuit of science. Science is the measurement of the cosmos, as a means to better understand the space we inhabit.

Without Neo carefully tracking the paths of planets, we would have no computers or many other modern conveniences. Science starts small and builds on what it knows. The sophisticated technology of today, becomes the basic convenience of tomorrow.”- Jim Pollock

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