Daniel Danger Nine Inch Nails Atlanta Poster Artist Edition 2018 Night 1

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Daniel Danger Nine Inch Nails Atlanta Poster Artist Edition Night 1 2018

Signed by Daniel Danger and noted AP. Only 50 exist according to DD.
Size of the poster is 18 x 24 Inches.
  This is a 7 Color Silk Screen Print.
"I have reason to believe Trent Reznor is very much like myself, an obsessive vintage music gear nerd who loves the modular MOOG meets LEGO approach of just connecting one weird thing to another weird thing and running it through another weird thing as the signal degrades, multiplies, expands, or falls apart; and then just hitting record. For their two nights in Atlanta I wanted to combine old school vintage analog synths, with their web of crossing patch cables and knobs and pulsing lights, with a pair of houses that are degraded echos of each other, looping and feeding into one another, building and growing. One of the hallmark notions of analog synths of that era, and really any experimental music, is how difficult it is to ever recreate the place you've found yourself, a humanistic truth as well. Seeing the news that NIN were playing songs they'd never played live before, specifically because the difficulty of recreating studio experiments from 20 years ago, was a pleasant surprise." -- DD
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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