Dan Dippel Avett Brothers Boise Poster Artist Edition 2022

Inside the Poster


Dan Dippel 1000 Styles Avett Brothers Boise Poster Artist Edition 2022

Signed and numbered by Dan Dippel with an edition of only 60.
Size of the poster is 18 x 24 Inches.
  This is a 5 Color Silk Screen Print.
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.
From Dan "For anyone interested in the background on this one: Boise and this part of the country in general was a big part of the North American fur trade around 200 years ago, so I thought it would be interesting to depict a fur trapper as the hunted instead of the hunter. Found some great photos of some famous trappers and mountain men from the first half of the 19th century that I used as reference on this one."

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