Cleon Peterson Power Can Do Anything, Justice Nothing Art Print White Variant 2020

Inside the Poster


Cleon Peterson Power Can Do Anything, Justice Nothing Art Print White Variant 2020

Signed and Numbered by Cleon Peterson with an edition of only 125.
Size of the print is 18 x 24 Inches.
  This is a Color Silk Screen printed on 290gsm Arches Rag paper with deckled edges.
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

"Trump has destroyed true right and wrong and pushed our country into a state of lawlessness. Justice has been perverted to serve Trumps corrupt political and financial ambitions. Loyalists are free to break the law and get off scot-free while anyone Trump deems a political enemy is targeted and punished. He has slowly destroyed our norms and now we wake up to find ourselves in a truly terrifying moment, past the point of no return, living under a desperate leader who is breaking all the rules to hold onto power.

Trump and his goons are stoking division and conflict on the streets and using images from these events to fuel his Hail Mary law and order campaign. This is nothing new, Trump has fueled anger over and over again and given us an exhausting list of grievances: walls, caravans, fake media, people taking a knee, China, the list goes on and on.

Focusing our outrage on others and casting ourselves as victims is the perfect foil. It pretends that the problem is outside of ourselves and that we are in no way responsible for the situation in which we find ourselves.

Trump is the embodiment of our worst impulses values and aspirations, a demon summoned by a diseased society to destroy an unbalanced inhumane system. A system that has become inhumane because of our own skewed social values.

Now that we have now lived through 4 years of this demagogues we are at a point of reflection. We have a simple choice, the choice between our own destruction or survival. If we embrace our selfish, fear driven impulses and walk away from the social contract we hold to one another we will spiral deeper into a more brutal Hobbesian "war of all against all". If we stop feeding the beast and deny this part of ourselves we can learn from our mistakes, move foreword and make the world a better place.

We made the problem and we have the power to change. Vote."-Cleon

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