Chuck Sperry Edward Sharpe Magnetic Zeros Los Angeles Poster 2013 S/N

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Chuck Sperry Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Los Angeles Poster Big Top 2013

Signed and numbered By Chuck Sperry with an edition of only 500.
Size of the print is 21.75 x 35 Inches.
This is a 5 Color Silk Screen Print with Metallic Inks.
"I started with the program poster and created a psychedelic circus master; and then for my silkscreen poster, I enlarged on the fantastical circus tent over the circus master’s left shoulder. There is our utopian Big Top, our new community, high on a lofty mountain, a kind of Shangra-La of imaginary delights. I could have drawn the tent bigger. I could have focused on that. I thought to do that. Believe me this will be one Big Tent event, in every meaning of the words. Instead, I put our Big Top tent high on an impossible hill, where the eagles dare, and where once you go inside, you may find your guru, wise man, best friend forever, your never-never, your inner child, your outer chill, your upper register, your underground, your overstanding, your best self." - Chuck Sperry
The poster is Mint Condition and Stored Flat.

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