Ashley Wood ThreeA WWR Supreme NOM Commander White Mother 1/6 Figure 3AA

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Ashley Wood ThreeA WWR World War Robot Supreme NOM N.O.M. Commander White Mother 1/6 Figure 3AA

From ThreeA Toys, Supreme N.O.M. NOM Commander White Mother Figure in 1/6 Scale figure. Supreme N.O.M. Commander is the first female N.O.M. figure released and Supreme Commander, ranked above N.O.M. Commanders Post Fire and Thrice Naut.
Crafted with exceptional attention to detail.
Many points or articulation to pose her anyway you can imagine.
Approximately 12 inches tall.
She hears all of her children, and they hear her. Never to be lost, never to be alone, never to be falter, that is her gift. Her shadow cast from Earth to Mars, including Rothchilds Moon! She is Supreme.
As always with threeA's work, The paint job is incredibly detailed and is a wonder to look at from any angle! The attention to detail on this is amazing.
Brand New in the box never been opened or displayed.
Can not be shipped with anything else.

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